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……In Business And in Life

Do you want to have more choices?

kimberly-law-fullDo you wonder if your personal image is holding you back in business?

Whatever your definition of success is…we all want to achieve it. Knowing what to wear, and how to act can mean the difference between success and failure in everything you do. Perhaps you’re going to an interview, or you want to secure that lucrative contract, or you just want the confidence of knowing that you look and act your very best.

Perception is everything.

Your personal Image isn’t just about choosing the right clothes, it’s also about developing impeccable manners and it’s about nurturing the right attitude and mindset. How you appear speaks volumes about how you think. Learn how to communicate effectively with the help of a Certified Image & Etiquette Consultant.

Whether you like it or not, you will be judged by your appearance and behaviour within a matter of seconds. As a Professional Image & Etiquette Consultant in Vancouver, BC, I provide personal image & etiquette consulting and coaching to ensure those important first few seconds count positively in your favour.

Kimberly Law AICI, CIP
Personal Impact Image Management

Certified Professional Image & Etiquette Consultant
First AICI Certified Image Professional in Western Canada

Phone: 604-298-7228

International Immediate Past President – Association of Image Consultants International (AICI)


Founding Director of Institute of Image Training & Testing International (IITTI)
IITTI self-testing tool

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